The Auto Dealer University… Coming soon!

Mike Ramos gives a quick preview of The Auto Dealer University, which is currently in development. This will be the one-stop shop for free, organized information that every used car dealer in America will be able to access.

The information that we share through the Auto Dealer University will not only help the owners of the dealership but also the sales personnel, F & I folks, and your general managers. Stay tuned.

Episode 9 of the Your Car Dealer Podcast

Jumping right in, Mike discusses the competitive nature of the California Used Car Dealer Industry and some the costs associated with just getting your DMV Dealer License.

Then once you are licensedforand you are ready to blaze the trail as a wholesalers, auto broker, or retail dealer then the operating costs start to hit you.

Auction fees, DMV fees, interest to your flooring company, dealer insurance, payroll taxes, worker’s comp insurance, etc.

for is why the used car dealer has to be super slick in 2018 and be clicking on all cylinders in order to really compete in today’s aggressive business climate.

The Used Auto Dealer University
Not always the cheapest, but there’s no better value in the business!

That still doesn’t mention the competitors that are coming for your business EVERY DAY! In 2018, you are not only battling curbstoners (dealers without a license), other used car dealers, peer-to-peer sellers, but also new car dealers.

For this reason, you need every advantage you can get and taking in useful data and educating yourself (and your staff will be your key).

A common saying in the business world is the company with the most data wins. I would add the caveat of needing to know what to do with all that data is even more useful than all the information in the world.

Podcast vs YouTube Video Segment where Mike compares the two right on the spot!

We also share how the Your Car Dealer Podcast figures are coming along through the first 2 months. Mike has cut 8 episodes through September 9, 2018 and there have been a total of 285 downloads of the podcast to this point.

To put this in
perspective, we are comparing to the Your Car Dealer Video Vault.

In the same 2 month span as Mike cut for episodes of the Your Car Dealer Podcast, he also cut 10 videos of various length.

This resulted in 1,000 minutes of watch time, and we had 501 video views and 125 shares.

I personally thank YOU for every damn watch or down of the podcast!

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The Auto Dealer University Headquarters… 

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