2019 YCDB Quicktips for the Newly Licensed Used Car Dealers

The 2019 YCDB Quicktips are a simple and free step-by-step system to increase your dealer profit. Let’s take it from the top and not waste anymore time.

2019 YCDB Quicktips #101. Dealer brand logos.

Every used car dealer in America needs a professionally designed logo in 2019. If you think you are going to compete with old tricks, I think you will be sorely mistaken. If the 1st impression counts most, not having a dealer logo will make one heck of a long-lasting impression in the mind of your potential customers.

In particular, I see California Retail Car Dealers trying to get away with this all the time and that is one of the most competitive markets in America. Even wholesalers and auto brokers like to think that no one really cares if they have a logo or not, especially since they don’t sell directly to the public.

Marketing of businesses has become very popular with one segment of the used car dealer industry. And conversely, hundreds of dealers think it’s more than fine to rely on word-of-mouth and walk-bys to feed their family. A stunning, low-cost logo can help you market your business while not breaking the bank.

California Auto Dealer Bond Cost


2018 YCDB Quicktips #102. Professional business cards.

Business cards used to be so expensive but not anymore in 2019. For around $99, you don’t have to lie anymore about your business cards being on back-order. No one believes it anyway and you lose credibility when you have to lie. Even if they don’t figure it out, you know! Don’t compromise your dignity or professional image.

A professionally business card will help to increase your brand awareness.


2018 YCDB Quicktips...dealers need quality business cards

YCDB Quicktips #103. Dealer-Branded Email.

This is a great opportunity for used car dealers to get an advantage over their competition. In other states like California, this is just an area where you need to catch up if you don’t have a dealer-branded email.

2018 YCDB Quicktips 103: Need a dealer branded email

If you are wondering why sales are slumping, ask yourself what email you are using to communicate with your potential clients.



Is the answer that you send emails on an AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail account?



This is death to a used car dealer because your customer wants to think that you are professional or why are they going to buy a $5,000 USED car from you.

2019 YCDB Quicktips


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Have you ever wondered about the differences between a car dealer bond and used car dealer insurance? This short video explains this in simple English:




And here’s the YCDB headquarters in sunny Fresno, California!


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