Additional Services for the California Car Dealer

Are you a wholesale-only dealer, auto broker, or retail California Car Dealer?

Cal-Surety / Your Car Dealer Bond (YCBD) has a keen understanding of the services that a California Auto Dealer would need to operate and flourish. With over 50,000 hours of experience specifically in the Non-Franchised California Car Dealer industry, we can help your dealership no matter if you a new start-up or a seasoned veteran car dealer.

We know that you need a dealer bond annually or perhaps you buy it on a multi-year basis. Guess what – you have other needs that are much more frequent or maybe even more complex. Your Car Dealer Bond can help.

How did Your California Car Dealer Bond get started?

Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) is a family-owned company that was formed in 2012 by Michael G. Ramos and Philip V. Ngo. Mike and Phil joined their Product Development and Enterprise IT expertise to build YCDB into one of the nation’s premier leaders of Auto Dealer Surety Bonds. Our mission is to bring premium results to small and medium-sized Used Car Dealerships for a fraction of what our competitors charge. #YCDBQuicktips

Best Rates on your California Car Dealer Bond in 2018!

What’s New and Exciting for YCDB in 2018?

YCDB has just launched a design division to assist our dealer clients to maximize their profits. We create low-cost, high-quality logo, business cards, stationary, and even website development. We have also created a free online education system to help educate our dealers and their sales personnel. The “2018 YCDB Quicktips Series” can be searched on Google for all content related to the only free online system to train California Car Dealers and their staff. #YCDBQuicktips. YCDB can also help our California customers obtain car dealer insurance. This is a game-changer for some of our dealers who are over-paying for insurance.


Check out the YCDB Additional Services animated video…



Recent 2018 Testimonial about My Experience with YCDB!

YCDB did an excellent job on my dealer bond quote. Their service and the overall experience was the main reason that I would ABSOLUTELY recommend YCBD to a friend. Comments from: Idris @ Idris Mustapha Autos


Need a reasonably Accountant? With the new 2018 Tax Reform upon us, having a fantastic Accountant on your side can make a huge difference each and every year. Our California-based partners offer quality:

  • entity formation services;
  • accounting services; and
  • tax planning / preparation services

They are here to help!

Need to set retail car dealership light years apart from your competition and you’re in the Central Valley? We gave our expert these 3 pictures…

View from a Distance


Red-Yellow Plant



Brian then turned that into this sketch…



Which then became this on a part of the premises…

Auto Dealers need to worry about increasing profits in 2018!


Never stop learning about your business and delegating to a professionals team can free you up to sell more cars every month! Your time is worth something, stop wasting it trying to micro-manage your business because that’s the way it’s always been done.  This is the kiss of death for any business much less a California Car Dealer. We are in one of the most competitive industries on the planet and doing it in the hub of commerce and technology.


This is just another value-add from the good folks at

Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB)!

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