Automotive Consulting Services Tailored 4 Your Business!

Your Car Dealer Bond offers Automotive Consulting Services – and the hope of a fresh start in a frequently overbearing market.

We know how tough it can be to balance business with pleasure, but we have the perfect solution of premium strategy and consultation sessions for you! And with only your best interest in mind, we make sure that nothing stands between you and success- not even yourself!


automotive consulting services

That’s why we now provide 1-on-1 Strategy and Automotive Consulting Services for Wholesale and Retail Dealers…

As a former pre-licensing educator for the California DMV, I have walked hundreds of people just like you through the step-by-step process of getting their California Auto Dealer License. Most of them had more questions after their pre-licensing education than before. In our experience, this is the exact time where most pre-licensing educators wash their hands of you.

I love helping California startups deal with an overly complex government bureau…the DMV. From licensing to strategy and business development, there are a variety of ways that I can bring value to your used car dealer business endeavor.


You have a ton on your plate right now, so let me help you! YOUR CAR DEALER BOND has over 25 years of experience specifically in the used auto dealer industry.


The first step is to learn more about your California business model and your overall vision. Then I can assist you with everything starting from your licensing questions to strategy and business development.

For the sake of full transparency, in some cases the person that we have helped did not follow through with getting their license in the end. They had misconceptions in their mind about what the business entailed in almost every case. But knowing this sooner rather than later minimizes how much time and money will be wasted in the process.


Consulting Service Rates


Create a brighter future for your California Used Auto Dealer Business today!


Let’s minimize your frustration with the licensing process and bridge the gap between your specific needs and the potential vendors that have a proven track record in providing those exact goods and/or services.

Click the link or call the number below right now to learn more about these automotive consulting services:

(866) 357-4405


Perhaps you need a used car dealer bond and just want to know that you are getting a good deal. Let us do the shopping for you so you can get back to building your business.

– we have 1 and 2-year terms to help you save money and time; and
– can even help you with a possible payment option.


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