Retail Auto Dealers – Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome!

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Here’s a real issue that is hurting Retail Auto Dealers and Wholesalers across America. Even more specifically in large economical states like New York and California, keeping your focus can be a job in itself.



How does this effect Wholesalers or Retail Auto Dealers?


How do retail auto dealers and wholesalers stay focused in 2018? Most California used car dealers we are in contact with are met with resistance in the form of Shiny Object Syndrome.

Most don’t know the remedy for this deadly vampire and it costs them lots of time and money. Ironically these are the 2 things that every car dealer in America tries to protect most.



How does a used car dealer choose which new forms of marketing to try? With so many ways to advertise a business in 2018 that it becomes overwhelming.

It’s very similar to looking at a restaurant menu with way too many options. Your brain overloads and you just decide to “go with whatever” looks halfway decent. Halfway decent marketing campaigns fail dramatically!



Analysis paralysis! I’ve seen this happen to so many super intelligent wholesalers, auto brokers, and retail auto dealers that get tangled up in their own thoughts.
While they are stuck in their head, their competitor is out stealing their car sales!

Another side effect of being overwhelmed with options is that the dealer (or business owner) starts to try too many things at the same time.
This results in significantly less focus on each project, which in turn reduces the effectiveness of each new initiative.
And over time, those diminished results seem like they are not worth the stretch. That’s about the time where the dealer labels that marketing effort as a waste of time and vows to never make the same mistake again. Sound familiar?


Wholesalers and Retail Car Dealers



1) Staying on the right path requires you to establish what the right path is at some point. This SWOT analysis video will help give you perspective on your dealership business https://youtu.be/YNgJCH7HvNw

2) Reviewing where your productivity is coming from will point you to what is working in your dealership. This is the main concept that will dictate your further steps as an auto broker, wholesaler, or retail auto dealer at it’s discussed here https://youtu.be/iQMsVfiCbHI

3) As retail and wholesale auto dealers going through this process, keeping the end in mind at the beginning is essential and I cover it here in this 6-minute video https://youtu.be/1RSJab21Ncs

4) For more valuable content, check out the YCDB Quicktips Series for wholesalers and retail dealers. Head over to our site today at https://www.cal-surety.com/car-dealer-corner/

5) Above all else, make sure you are not leaving the door open behind your retail car sales. One of the biggest mistakes retail auto dealers make is servicing vehicles post-sale. I’m humble about this but I really think that this is the best piece of content we have put out this year for helping retail dealers avoid this huge nightmare https://cardealerbondnow.com/never-service-a-car-after-sale/


Your Car Dealer Bond LLC Headquarters in 

sunny Fresno, California


Here are 5 other ways that Your Car Dealer Bond may be of service to you:

1. YCDB offers a service that can help you migrate away from your current Gmail to an email that has been branded to your business like [email protected] for instance.

2. Our marketing team is also creating stunning logos, business card layouts, stationary, etc. (some samples below).

3. We can also develop a super affordable, high-quality website for your business. www.cardealerbondnow.com is a good example of the type of interactive website we are building these days.

4. We can also help you with your Dealer Insurance to make certain that your business is protected once that need presents itself.

5. Press Releases and Freelance Writing to maximize your brand exposure!

When you get to the point where you need some of the above-mentioned products/service, I hope that you will keep us in mind. Call 866-357-4405 today or visit our site www.cal-surety.com today!

Why do business with Your Car Dealer Bond?

California Car Dealer Insurance is just another value-add from Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) that we are offering in 2018.  YCDB’s core expertise actually started in the California Car Dealer Insurance space! And our experience is used to create leverage for you.

By the way, YCDB created the California Car Dealer Corner in 2018 for our wholesale and retail auto dealer friends. The DMV dealers of across America can access our car dealer corner and YCDB Quicktips 24/7, 365 days a week a year.


Still not enough of a reason why we are different from every other Surety Bond Agency that specializes in Auto Dealer Bonds?

Your Car Dealer Bond also created the YCDB Quicktips Series to add even more value in 2018.


As of August 2018, the California DMV requires applicants to perform 6 hours of in-person car dealer education. To that end, pre-licensing education needs to be completed no more than 1 year prior to getting your DMV license.


Retail Car Dealers need a $50,000 bond in 2018


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