The Effects of Trump Tariffs on Used Car Dealers??

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Does anyone out there have a real idea of the effects of the Trump Tariffs on Used Car Dealers? This is actually a subject that we are asking for insight from car dealers across the country, new or used. Your Car Dealer Bond LLC (YCDB) would really love to hear your feedback and we created a special page to gather your comments.

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Trump Tariffs on Used Car Dealers


President Trump Tariffs on Used Car Dealers (good or bad?)

Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) takes no sides in the matter, we are only looking to gain insight. There are some indications that interest rates are going to be changing in the near future. Coupled with a 15% tariff that will likely be passed onto the consumer, our sense is that used car dealers are probably going to catch a small windfall.


Maybe there’s something that I’m missing. And again, not good, bad, or indifferent, just trying to get my arms around this. And there’s a bunch of you car dealers out there that understand this stuff way better than I do. What do you guys think?


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