2018’s Most Exciting Press Release for California Used Car Dealers!

Major Launch Announcement for Used Car Dealers…

Your Car Dealer Bond is introducing their YCDB Design Team to Help Car Dealers Maximize Profits!


May 21, 2018


There’s no doubt at all that auto sales is one of the most highly competitive industries in America. Therefore any advantage a car dealer has over the competition can be extremely valuable.  One family-run business who understands this better than most is a great bond agency out of California, Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB). YCDB has become one of America’s top leaders of Surety Bonds for used car dealers! Their growth has been fueled by bringing premium results to small and medium-sized Used Car Dealers, free of the high-charges and added fees common in the auto world.

Used Car Dealers have to compete in the most aggressive business environment in the country!

Big News for Used Car Dealers…

YCDB has recently announced the launch of their new YCDB Quicktips Design Division, where their professional team gives free help to auto dealers with all kinds of design needs to boost their California car dealer marketing. DMV dealers of all types (wholesale, auto broker, or retail dealer) and sizes can benefit from this value-add in 2018. The excitement surrounding this program can be searched online with #YCDBQuicktips and dealer interest is skyrocketing by each additional sale made using the tips and tricks that every California dealer needs to be competitive.

A word from the founder and president of YCDB:

“We understand the challenges faced with used car dealer bonds, California car dealer insurance, and all the other related issues,”  commented Michael G. Ramos co-owner of the company with Philip V. Ngo.  “We try to help dealers save money and gain value with their dealer bond and insurance but in 2018 this wasn’t enough.Experts in Increasing Dealer ROI

Our goal is to help every used car dealer customer of YCDB sell 2 more cars each month. This can be accomplished through the strategic action plans developed by the YCDB Design Team. With that said, YCDB is going a step farther for our used car dealer clients in 2018 to prove our commitment to your success. Our strategy combined stunning design work that plays in concert with the best free online program available to California used car dealers, 2018 YCDB Quicktips Series. Why did we put a so much into this free series? When one of us succeeds we all do, it’s a total win-win.”

Cal-Surety / YCDB has a marketing team that is 2nd to none in the California Used Car Dealer industry. Let us earn your business right NOW.

Next-Level Training and Free Education for Used Car Dealers but wait there more!

According to YCDB, they try to aid dealers in maximizing profit! How might you ask? Through the YCDB Design Division creating assets like low-cost, high-quality logos and elegant business cards. But YCDB also offers attractive dealership stationary and even a professional website development.


On top of that YCDB have created a free online school to help educate their dealers and sales-people on all aspects of being a success in the competitive California car dealer world.  This extra, free training is often the difference between failure and success.


A leader in Auto Dealer Surety Bonds, YCDB is going above and beyond to try to help dealers make more sales with the launch of their new very diverse design division. 


What Other Bonds are offered by Your Car Dealer Bond in 2018?

A variety of different surety bonds can be offered at a discounted price to California business owners such as:


YCDB is always ready to discuss what may be best for an applicant or client, lending their deeply experienced, expert advice.


YCDB Welcomes all Feedback!

Feedback from car dealer customers continues to be positive across the board. This is certainly not a new trend, as great testimonials have been consistently rolling in since 2011.

Idris, from Idris Mustapha Autos, recently said in a five-star review:

YCDB did an excellent job on my dealer bond quote. Their service and the overall experience was the main reason that I would ABSOLUTELY recommend YCBD to a friend.”

Frank, from Reliable Motors, also gave some feedback on his experience with YCDB below. 

It’s always a pleasure doing business with YCDB. They are very knowledgeable, consistent, and fast with their service. Great customer service and Reliable as well.


As a California Used Car Dealer, how do I get started?

It’s super simple. You can apply for either a California car dealer bond or California car dealership insurance right on the company website in just minutes.

Your Car Dealer Bond is located at 1300 E. Shaw Avenue #119, Fresno, CA 93710.


Here’s a YCDB Quicktip for our Dealer friends.

Perhaps the business is struggling to make a profit. We understand that auction fees, Dealer Management Software, Sales Taxes, and Payroll Taxes can really add up. And that is just for starters. For a used car dealer, Vehicle Reconditioning Costs, Dealer Insurance, Dealer Bond premiums, etc can push a dealer into a corner. This is the exact reason that we created the YCDB Quicktips Series! YCDB is bringing simple solutions to complex used car dealer problems.

What is the rule of 300%? If you are a finance and insurance (F&I) guy or a salesperson, then you really need to know about this concept. Everyone has heard of the 80/20 rule but who is talking about the rule of 300%. Write this down or take a picture but for sure remember it!

  • Offer 100% of your products.
  • To 100% of your potential customers.
  • 100% of the time.

The YCDB Design Team will teach you how to implement this and many other techniques into your overall strategy to grow your business and build your brand.

Here are the areas where we can help you lower costs:

  1. Used Car Dealer Insurance.
  2. DMV Dealer Bond ($10,000 or $50,000).
  3. Dealer Management Software.  

Here are the areas where the YCDB Design Team can help you grow the business:

  1. Selling more cars.
  2. Building your dealership brand.
  3. Creating relevant connections that help further both #1 and #2 above. 

Give Your Car Dealer Bond a chance to earn your business RIGHT NOW. We will show that we are much more than just a surety bond agency. We are literally the ONLY bonding agency in the United States that can help your dealership in this many ways. Value of this nature is unheard of in this industry! YCDB believes that our new approach will completely revolutionize service standards for Used Car Dealers in California.

 The YCDB Design Team has been hard at work to help even the most seasoned dealers.

Tell me more about the YCDB Design Team.

Fremont, California is where Your Car Dealer Bond was established in but these days has its main office in Fresno, California. The company was developed as a specialized Surety Bond Agency. The razor focus of that little agency is California used car dealers! YCDB has a particular expertise with Mike Ramos at the forefront of the business. Mr. Ramos has a rich history in the California Car Dealer Insurance world while working on the carrier side of the business. Mike made a name for himself while building one of the more successful used car dealer insurance programs in California history. In the 10 years he managed Pacific Specialty Insurance Company’s Division, Mike Ramos and his team took a little Commercial Divison from $750K to $6M in 7 years. Now that is sales increase and we can help you grow your dealer business today!

Check out the Your Car Dealer Podcast Today!

Here is a quick list of season 1 episodes brought to you by Mike Ramos:

  • Episode 1: SWOT Analysis and Think BIG (Guide to Increasing Dealer ROI). This is our most popular podcast as of September 18, 2018.
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  • Episode 5: Fighting those BIG Corporations as a Small Used Car Dealer.
  • Episode 6: Tough love for Used Car Dealers (retailers, wholesalers, & auto brokers).
  • Episode 7: Time Management and Segmentation (For Used Car Dealers)!
  • Episode 8: Opportunity Costs and how they apply to Used Auto Dealers.
  • Episode 9: Attention Used Car Dealers! Don’t just win on a Technicality.
  • Episode 10: Bonus Rant about Formal College (rip off or money well spent in 2018?)


YCDB’s Experience Matter to Used Car Dealers!

This type of expertise in the California Car Dealer industry is literally unrivaled.  With deep roots not only in insurance but also IT systems, YCDB brings a balance of professionalism, competitive pricing, and know-how. This is a company that can help you navigate even the most complicated scenarios in the Used Car Dealer universe. Whether it’s a tough situation with a DMV inspector, YCDB can help. Perhaps, you are having trouble finding dealer management software, YCDB can help you! If you have an issue related to your used car dealer business, look no further than your friends at YCDB.

Over the years, we’ve been challenged to think creatively to grow the YCDB brand! Creating the YCDB Design Team seemed to make the most sense so we can help our dealer customers solve the same issues we have experienced.


California Used Car Dealer License 2018

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Mike Ramos (Founder and President)


[email protected]



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The YCDB Press Release for 2018 is helping Car Dealers across the country!



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