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Description of the Your Car Dealer Podcast.

If you are a used car dealer this podcast is going to take your game to a whole different level! Stop zoning out during your commute or while you’re doing that busy work around the office or your backyard. Our FREE podcast is going to give you some fantastic ways to make more money during times that you might have otherwise been wasting time! 

We believe that we will add a minimum of $200 of value for every hour of the Your Car Dealer Podcast that you fully digest. 
Let us earn a spot in your rotation today and have a listen to the top hacks and best practices from some of the most 
successful auto dealers and sales people in the country.

This is just a taste of the great info you will be getting from the Your Car Dealer Podcast.



I’m not sure if I need this podcast in my life.  What do I get out of listening to the Your Car Dealer Podcast?

Regardless if you are just getting started or you have been in business for a few years but have hit a plateau. Perhaps you are in that small group of used car dealers where things are rolling and you can’t imagine that you could make any improvements.

Your Car Dealer Podcast is dedicated to offering used car dealers the best tips and tricks in the business for FREE! Do you want to increase sales, while decreasing overhead? Of course, you do and we can help. With over 20 years of experience, Your Car Dealer Bond LLC (YCDB) has developed a podcast that not only helps auto dealers increase their ROI, but will even help you train sales staff and your F&I folks out there in an efficient way.

Training is one of the most expensive exercises a dealership must perform but it’s even more expensive if they neglect the opportunity to invest in their staff. Knowledge is power and we are infusing used car dealers across the country with the ultimate tool belt needed to take your business to another level in 2018!

Description of the Episode 1. Why is the Your Car Dealer Podcast worth your time? What used car dealer can expect to gain out of future episodes within just minutes of listening. We also discuss how a great SWOT analysis can drive sale up by as much 39% and decrease your overhead by 12 – 19%. These are significant improvements that can help any dealer, regardless of your experience level. And remember to shoot for the stars because you just might hit the moon!


Car Dealer Podcast


Here are just a few of the priceless nuggets you will gain from listening to Your Car Dealer Podcast:

  1. How to go from selling 3 cars a month to 6 in less than 60 days.
  2. How to go from selling 5 cars a month to 8 in less than 75 days.
  3. The 80/20 rule! How are you spending your time?
  4. The Law of 300%. How to leverage this tried, tested, and true method to get over that hump.
  5. I need some fresh ideas on how to get more traffic to my dealership.
  6. I ran out of friends and family to sell cars to, what do I do now?
  7. My salespeople are doing more walk-through’s but the needle isn’t moving?
  8. How to create a SWOT analysis for your dealership so you understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  9. To be honest, I’m a new or underperforming salesperson. What steps can I take today to start succeeding today?
  10. I’m starting to get burnt out. I don’t mind working the long hours, even if that means sacrificing time away from my family. What frustrates me is that I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and not getting ahead or I feel under-appreciated at my dealership.
  11. How to decrease your dealer bond rate?
  12. How to decrease your dealer insurance rate?
  13. What insurance coverages I absolutely need and what can I live without?

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