Increase Sales and Dealer ROI (80/20 & the Rule of 300)

Your Car Dealer Podcast (episode 2)



Skyrocket your Auto Dealer Profits (Simple step-by-step Process) that we lay out for our used car dealer friends. As per usual we dive right into the Your Car Dealer Podcast and don’t waste any of your time. Here are some of the time-stamps so you can go back and review specific parts of the content.

1:59… 80/20 rule and how are you spending your time.

8:13…How do you double in sales by year end?

8:21…Combining SWOT and 80/20 principles

9:13…Rule of 300


In this podcast episode, we try to keep things moving along at a good pace. The 80/20 Principle shared in detail here is a tried, tested, and true method for improving productivity. The real goal of every auto dealer I have ever come into contact with over the past few decades is to sell more cars.


Increase Sales and Dealer ROI

Change the way you are thinking about how to increase sales dealer ROI right now!

Well, that is certainly possible if you focus your energy in the right direction. Dissecting your daily routines and where you are spending your time is step 1 here. If you can stay diligent and use this process in conjunction with the SWOT analysis that we discussed in Episode #1, we believe that you will significantly increase your sales, which will materially improve your lifestyle. While money isn’t everything nor can it buy happiness, the lack of money is probably the root of all evil.

Don’t use these techniques in a bubble. You really need to utilize them in concert with one in another to optimize their potential effects on your car dealer business.

The rule of 300 is one that is near and dear to my heart and is the process of selling 100% of your products, to 100% of your customers, 100% of the time. Never lose an opportunity to sell your client something that they want to buy from you. And if you don’t have any products that you sell other than cars, try to think about a complementary product that will create another revenue stream for you while giving your customer more of what they want.


Increase Sales and Dealer ROI

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