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The YCDB suite of products is exploding in 2018! And even beyond providing an essential service like Your Car Dealer Software, YCDB is offering even more value to your dealership. Let’s be clear, we are trying to distance ourselves this year from any other dealer bond agency on the planet. How are we doing it, we are glad you asked!

We are offering more value through deep discounts for Motor Vehicle Dealers in California, although we can also help dealers across America! Let’s start with the YCDB Marketing Firm that we have unleashed on the California used car dealer industry.


Your Car Dealer Software


Dealer Branded Email.

Perhaps you need to migrate away from your current Free Email Providers like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook to an email that has been branded to your business like [email protected] for instance.  A Dealer-Branded email is a huge step to building a long-standing business and increasing your sales. We can also help you consolidate your email so you are not checking 2 different email sources.

Here are 3 reasons that Verisign gave for needing a business would need a branded-email.

1. Give The Right First Impression. A branded email shows the world your company is established and professional. A generic email may project inexperience – or even worse, raise doubts on whether you’re a real company at all. But when you use a branded email, your audience feels you’re here to stay and serious about your business.

2. Create A “Bigger” Image. A generic email address can convey that your business is new, or small, or part-time. Having a branded email creates a more “corporate image” and can help prevent awkward situations where potential clients may not want to compensate you as fairly. Additionally, setting up multiple email addresses for different segments of your business (e.g., [email protected] [email protected][email protected], etc.), will support that established, professional image you need.

3. Build Credibility And Trust. Unfortunately, scam artists do exist, so many consumers won’t be comfortable emailing personal information to [email protected] But when you have a branded email address, you’re providing a sense of security and reassurance to your customers that your business is legitimate.


Click here to check out https://www.verisign.com/en_US/website-presence/online/professional-email-address/index.xhtml


Check out the YCDB Youtube Channel when you have a second.



You will find several videos that YCDB did over 5 years ago. That said, we don’t mind sharing because that evergreen content is still valid in 2018. While we are stepping up our game quite a bit to stay up with the times, no sense in throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

We are going to be flooding our Youtube channel with the YCDB Quicktips Free Training Series that is helping used car dealers in a variety of ways. For instance, reducing overhead is important and we have dozens of hacks to help you save money in 2018. But more important to most used car dealers is how to sell more cars. We got you covered and YCDB has made it easy with our Free gift to you.

Check out YCDB on Twitter.

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