Feedback Survey: Trump Tariffs on Used Car Dealers

Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) really appreciates your feedback and would love to hear from you on how you think that President Donald Trump’s Steel and Aluminum Tariffs. Kindly take a minute to let us know your thoughts:


Welcome to your Affects of Trump Tariff's

1. Do you think the Trump Tariffs on aluminum and steel will have a positive effect on the used car dealer industry?
2. Are you a New Car Dealer or Used Car Dealer or Salesperson?
We hate those pesky bots!
3. Please give us a piece of your mind! We would love to hear what you think and please be honest!

Trump Tariff's on Used Car Dealers

Thanks again for your input! We really appreciate it and would love the chance to earn your business when you auto dealer bond expires.


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Thanks again!

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