SWOT Analysis & Think BIG (Guide to Increasing Dealer ROI)

Your Car Dealer Podcast (episode 1)

What is a SWOT Analysis and why on earth would a used car dealer be interested in hearing about it? Maybe you’re feeling the pressure to sell more cars because you really need to make more money to sustain the business. The SWOT analysis is your 4-step guide to INCREASING your dealer ROI. Get ahead of your competition today and have a listen.

Increasing Dealer ROI

Maybe you have already digested the SWOT analysis part of episode #1, what else could you gain from listening? This is more mindset for the newer folks into the dealer industry as well as many of you dealers that feel like you are stuck in the same spot. You are getting burned out with not being able to sell more car and you need to find answers. Perhaps you are an underperforming salesperson, how do you become a top seller?

Step 1 is to change the way you are thinking about increasing your dealer ROI.

We refer to this as “shooting for the stars because you just might hit the moon”! If your goal really is to sell more used cars in 2018, then stop kidding yourself TODAY.

Episode 1 is coming out with fire and going into depth about how to increase your return on investment. As a used car dealer, your business is driven by undercutting the market. From the auction to the trying to get a wholesale rate on your retail car dealer bond, you are always trying to save a buck!

The SWOT analysis is a simple 4-step process for selling more cars and reducing the risks and threats to your auto dealership. Perhaps you just need to become more efficient with your time? This episode has it all and this tested and true method of analyzing your dealership’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will open your eyes.

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