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I'm trying to get a license to become a California Immigration Service? What government entity should I contact to issue this license?
The California Secretary of State is the agency responsible for registering immigration consultants. The Secretary of State's Office ensures that all required paperwork is filed, background checks are completed, and that the necessary surety bond is secured.
Can an immigration consultant provide legal representation for a client’s immigration matter?
No. Only licensed lawyers can provide legal advice. Also, only a licensed lawyer or a person approved by the Bureau of Immigration Appeals’ (BIA) Recognition and Accreditation Program can represent a person on immigration matters.
I'm just getting an Immigration Consulting Service License in California, what bond limit do I need?
As of 2018, the California Secretary of State requires a $100,000 Immigration Consulting Service Bond.
Can an immigration consultant recommend which form to use or suggest how a client should answer a question on a form?
No. State law prohibits an immigration consultant from recommending which form to use. Suggesting how to answer a question is also considered prohibited legal advice.

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What type of services can an immigration consultant provide?

An immigration consultant can provide only nonlegal services on immigration matters, such as:
  • Translating a client’s answers to questions on state or federal forms;
  • Translating the information on state or federal forms for a client;
  • Obtaining copies of supporting documents needed for those forms;
  • Submitting completed forms to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office, if requested by the client;

Are there requirements for immigration consultant services contracts?

Yes. A contract for immigration consultant services must be written in both English and the client’s language. Oral contracts are not permitted. The California Department of Consumer Affairs has issued regulations outlining requirements for immigration consultant contracts. (See Cal. Code Regs., Tit. 16 , Div. 38, Ch. 3, § 3840).

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Immigration Contracts must include the following:
  • A statement that the immigration consultant is not an attorney and cannot perform legal services performed by attorneys.
  • A description of the services and purpose of the services to be performed as well as itemized costs for each service.
  • A list of the documents to be prepared, an explanation of the purpose and process for each document, and a list of the costs for preparing each document.
  • A description of what the immigration consultant will do with respect to each document, and listing which agency and office where each document will be filed and the processing times according to the current published agency guidelines.
  • Information about how to report complaints related to immigration consulting services, including the toll-free numbers and website addresses for Executive Office for Immigration Review of the United States Department of Justice and California State Bar. https://www.justice.gov/
  • A provision that the client can cancel the contract within 72 hours.
  • Remember, an immigration consultant must provide a signed receipt on his/her letterhead to a client for each payment made by that client.
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