Fighting those BIG Corporations as a Small Used Car Dealer!

Have a listen to episode 5 of the Your Car Dealer Podcast. Mike Ramos shares how many downloads we had in our first month of podcast versus how many video views we had on our YouTube channel.


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Mike also shares an experience from a small family-owned battery shop he went to this weekend. That was an interesting story that you guys might appreciate, espcially if you are a smaller dealership.


Attention Every Small Used Car Dealer in California!

The 1st ten auto dealers to email us at [email protected]

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Uncertainty and how it relates to a Small Used Car Dealer!

We talked about dealing with uncertainty and how big of a role this plays in your daily routines today. For instance, if you know that you are going to be rich in 18 months then you would not have the anxiety that you have today. Without that anxiety, you would feel like the weight around your neck has been relieved and you would be more motivated! Unless you are lazy, in which case you will start slacking off because you know that you are going to be rich!


In case you missed the SWOT video or just want to brush review the content in a slightly different way:



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I gave a shout out to Brian Weaver and Vivian Tafolla for the investments they both made into my young life and I appreciate them for it.

Your Car Dealer Bond Website mentioned in the Podcast:

Here’s the website I mentioned in the podcast that I am correcting the silo structure on right now:


This website is the one that we recently upgraded and flipped from HTML to a WordPress environment so I can modify the text, images, look, and feel when I can scrape together the time:



Here’s the picture of my dog below… Before you judge, please consider the $ saved on a dog groomer and time saved on not trying to make it perfect. After all, good is the enemy of great!



This is a great video with an awesome tip for small Used Car Dealers and Salespeople in 2018 (80-20 Rule):


The rule of 300, this is going to help you increase sales. You’re probably going to increase your ROI within three to four months. Stick to it, maybe even two months, but it’s up to you. How fast do you really want to take action? The rule of 300, you need to get this, if you’re a used car dealer:


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Your Car Dealer Bond is exploding in 2018 with our suite of additional services designed to help the small used car dealer!


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