What is a Dealer Bond Rider?

It’s common for our auto dealers (Retail, Wholesale, or Auto Broker) to need something fixed or changed after they purchase their DMV Dealer Bond…this change is called a Dealer Bond Rider.

Minor fixes do not require another bond!


The 3 Most Common Reasons a Car Dealer would need a Rider:

If you are applying for your California DMV Dealer License then you know that the business address and business name on your motor vehicle bond have to match identically to all of your other documents. Here are just a few: City Business License, Resale Permit issued by the Board of Equalization, DMV License Application, Lease, etc. Here’s the list of the most common reasons our car dealers need a rider in 2018:

  1. A mistake was made in the name or address when your bond was issued;
  2. A change of the DBA or you move your business location (a rider is not needed if you only change your mailing address); or
  3. If you file for another DBA (your DMV inspector will advise if another bond is needed or if your current MVD dealer bond can simply be amended with a rider.)
Being a California Car Dealer in 2018 is rough but Your Car Dealer Bond is here to help.

Why are things so confusing?

 Cost of Obtaining a Dealer Bond Rider:

  • $50 is the cost of the rider to be mailed via USPS.
  • $70 is the cost of the rider to be Priority Mailed with Tracking.
  • $100 is the cost of the rider to be Overnighted to you.

Your Car Dealer Bond will always pay for your rider if we made a mistake when we issued your bond. Therefore, you can feel comfortable about doing business with us! 


How do I Order a Rider for my Car Dealer Bond

You simply need to email [email protected] with the following information:

  1. The exact change that needs to be made. (If a DBA is being added, please email us a copy of the new Business License.)
  2. Your DMV Car Dealer License Number, Dealer Name, and Bond Number.
  3. The mailing address you would like the rider mailed to.

 Remember a Rider is the name of the form that will modify your car dealer bond…



YCDB...quick service on your Dealer Bond Rider requests

OL25 Surety Bond for Auto Dealers


 Some things to keep in mind if you do need a Dealer Bond Rider

  1. Changes can not be made over the phone.
  2. Riders typically take a day to process so we really appreciate your patience.
  3. A bond limit change will require you to get another MVD bond altogether. Eg, changing your bond from $10,000 to $50,000  (or vice-versa) will require you to purchase another bond.
  4. Changes in ownership will also require you to purchase another bond and cancel the bond you have now.
  5. Expedited mailing options are available so no worries if you need this rider ASAP!


Does Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) offer Additional Services?

  • Are you getting your California Auto Dealer License and having some problems with the paperwork? Let our expert walk you through the process TODAY!
  • Do you operate your business with a free Email Provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook but want a Branded Email to look more professional to your customers? No problem here either!
  • Need Car Dealer Insurance? Again, you need an expert and we have you covered! Click here to get hooked up with our insurance team!
  • How about a Dealer Management System (DMS)? Some of the benefits of having a DMS is the enhanced follow-up capabilities and reporting mechanisms that are standard. All the best dealers utilize a DMS to improve their workflows and optimize their productivity.

Do you have Friends in the Business that need a Car Dealer Bond?

Most of our Used Car Dealer customers come to us by referral! Please keep YCDB in mind when you need a Car Dealer Bond! Call 866-357-4405 Now for immediate service.


Dealer Bond Rider by Cal-Surety (YCDB Quicktips)


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