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Looking for a surety bond?
You came to the right place. When you work with Cal-Surety, your business has access to a broad range surety bond writers. We've aligned ourselves with some of the largest surety bond writers in the nation which allows us to pair you with the company that compliments your business. Our team will even compare your current bond and offer suggestions or recommendations, even if it means advising you to stay with your current company. Submit an application and/or copy of current bond today and see how much we can save you.
Available States
Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington.
How long does it take to issue a surety bond?
We can issue surety bonds same day as all documents and payment is received. Our proprietary process involves various methods to help speed things up just for you. From the manner in which we can accept payment to the ability you have to track your incoming bond, Cal-Surety plain and simple makes things super easy for you.
Can I still get a bond if I am not a US Citizen?
Cal-Surety has various surety companies that can offer premium pricing to Permanent Residents. In most cases, we can have the rates back from 5 companies within 1 day. Give us the opportunity to earn your business by making things simple and inexpensive for you by leveraging our experience and technology.
What types of Bonds do you specialize in?
Although we can place a wide variety of bonds, Cal-Surety specializes in Car Dealer Bonds (aka Used Car Dealer Bonds or Auto Dealer Bonds), Vehicle Registration Service Bonds, Motor Vehicle Ownership Bonds (aka Defective Title Bonds) Car Wash Bonds, and California Immigration Consultant Bonds. Here's a link that will help you through the process:
How do I renew my surety bond?
You can always call one of our friendly staff members for assistance, however Cal-Surety will notify you approximately 30 days prior to your expiration date. Depending on your preference, you can make payment by check, debit card, and most major credit cards. Be sure to make payment prior to your bond expiration date in order to avoid cancellation and any associated fees.
How do I make payment for my bond?
Cal-Surety has invested in technology that allows you to pay with an electronic check which makes the payment process nearly instantaneous. This technology allows you to literally take a picture of your check and text it to us or fax it to us if that is better. Of course, a scanned copy of the check can also be emailed to us or we can take a credit card payment to initiate your surety bond purchase.

Do I need excellent credit? No, don't let bad credit prevent you from getting the bond you want! Cal-Surety can help you! Our experts are dedicated to locating the perfect Surety Company for you, and in most cases, regardless of your credit history. We can often communicate our best rate to you within 24 hours.

We can help with a variety of services for our clients such as: Business Insurance; Corporation / LLC Formation; Tax Preparation and Audit Protection Plan set up; Bookkeeping and Payroll Services; Debt Mediation; Dealer Management Software; IT Services in the Bay Area; Assistance with your initial DMV paperwork; Legal Representation.

Cal-Surety can assist with a host of various services and we welcome the opportunity to assist good people like you.

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