Time Management for Used Car Dealers (making more out of less)

Time management for used car dealers is a daily fight and it will never end. The say you slip up and stop paying attention, bam you just wasted 2 hours that you will never get back!

This issue is holding down used car dealers or baffling them into not being as productive with their time as they are capable of being.

Even as I write this description, I realize that this is an issue that almost every small to the medium-sized business owner has in 2018. Even recent high school and college graduates get caught into the trap that this concept could minimize or eliminate completely.


At the root of time management is the need to fully understand time segmentation.

Here are the 4 buckets that every activity, project, task, etc will fall into:

  1. Important and Urgent
  2. Important and Not Urgent
  3. Not Important but Urgent
  4. Not Important and Not Urgent


Everything in the urgent and important bucket gets handled immediately! No exceptions and try your hardest to make sure things don’t creep into this bucket.

The important and not urgent bucket is where the majority of your activity will fall into. Now the idea is to sequence or prioritize these things accordingly.

Not important but urgent things are a solicitation call that you are not interested in. The phone is ringing and will stop if you don’t answer it soon. There is urgency but it’s not important.

Then there are the items that jump into crowbar their way into your daily or weekly routines that are neither important nor urgent. These are death to spend a bunch of time on, just try to move them off of your plate as quickly as possible to get back to bucket #2, important but not urgent.


Time management for used car dealers


No big magic trick here for all my used car dealer friends! Just identify what bucket everything falls into, prioritize within each individual bucket, and things will start falling into place.

The additional time you will create with this process will be yours to spend in any way you deem fit. Perhaps you need more time with the family, time segmentation!


Need more time to reinvest back into the business but need to sleep? Time segmentation! This process really works if you take action and be patient as you step through the process.

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