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Is Your Inventory Protected Against Vandalism?

In our first eBook you will learn important details regarding the best coverage policy for your inventory as we highlight the following:


The 3 Most Common Liability Exclusions

The second eBook in the series identifies and explains the three most popular exclusions in a dealer’s basic policy. Recognize how these three typical exclusions can cause business exposures and risks to your dealership.


How Coinsurance Penalties Reduce Claim Payouts

The terminology used in the Coinsurance Penalty Clause is often the most difficult to grasp and frequently misinterpreted.

Our third eBook in the series provides insight on the higher points of this Clause, making them easier to comprehend, and dealers learn how to steer clear of this penalty.


Allowing Customer Test Drives To Your Inventory?

Even in today’s more restrictive environment, it is typical for dealers to offer test drives of inventory vehicles in order to make a sale.

In our fourth eBook, you will learn whose insurance is responsible when an accident occurs during a customer test drive. In addition, dealer guidelines are provided to help reduce the possible risks to your dealership and the future of your existing insurance policy.


Lender’s Forced-Placed Insurance Is Dangerous!

In our fifth and final eBook in this series, Forced-Placed Insurance is defined and explained. You will find out what is covered and not covered under this type of policy, as well as who this insurance is designed to protect.

In addition, the two most common scenarios are described, and the differences between Forced-Placed Insurance and Garage Keepers Insurance are highlighted in chart format. This eBook is a must-read for dealers!

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Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) was founded in 2011 as a premium Surety Bond Agency in Fremont, California by Mike Ramos. Since this time, YCDB established headquarters in Fresno with production offices in Bakersfield and Corona. YCDB is a family-operated company that has grown steadily since its inception.

We believe our suite of services and product offerings are truly unsurpassed.

Over two decades of experience in the used car dealer field

We develop dealer-specific educational tools

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