Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) was developed as a premium Surety Bond Agency in California! YCDB was established in Fremont, California, and now has a home office in Fresno and a production office in Corona. We believe that you will find our particular expertise in the California Car Dealer industry to be literally unrivaled.

The YCDB Backstory.

Mike Ramos and Philip Ngo and met while working in Corporate America at a mid-sized insurance company out of Menlo Park, CA.

Although working on completely different sides of the business, Pacific Specialty Insurance Company (PSIC) gave Philip and Mike an opportunity to cultivate a relationship. This would eventually lead to the formation of Your Car Dealer Bond LLC (YCDB) in late 2011.


Why did Mike Ramos and Philip Ngo start YCDB? 

This is a question we get all the time and I’m always glad to answer it. The truth is that when I was the Nationwide Director of Commercial Operations for a large insurance carrier, I received tons of requests for my insight on where to obtain a low-cost dealer bond. This is right around the time when the recession hit in 2008 and 2009 and auto dealers were seeing their bond prices triple at best.

Of course, this didn’t even have anything to do with their credit but the surety carriers really lost millions of dollars by trying to undercut each other and buy California dealer bond business. This is a scary game of musical chairs for a surety carrier and some of them paid dearly.

Unfortunate for used car dealers at the time but it was a real eye-opener for me. I was referring dealers to insurance agents that I had known for years and that actually did a good job with service (or so I thought). The problem was that their service standards and my service standards were light-years apart. I was getting calls from prospective dealers 2, 3, and even 4 days later after I referred them to get a quote.

The real icing on the cake was when one of these lazy insurance agents told me that not only did he not return the call of the prospect I had sent him a week before, but that he has several voicemails from weeks ago that had not been answered yet. Since this level of service was completely unacceptable to me so we can start to develop the YCDB business!


How did Your Car Dealer Bond start? 

In 2012, Michael G. Ramos and Philip V. Ngo joined their Product Development and Enterprise IT expertise to build Your Car Dealer Bond into one of the nation’s premier leaders of Auto Dealer Surety Bonds. Our mission at YCDB was to bring premium results to small and medium-sized Used Car Dealerships for a fraction of what our competitors charge. Mission accomplished in a big way as we experienced 3X growth over the following 3 years after year one.

To skip a few years ahead to 2015, YCDB licensed the name Cal-Surety and Insurance Services (CSIS) in an effort to broaden our product offerings beyond car dealers. And while the name may be a bit more generalized to a wider audience of business owners, there will always be a special place in our agency for our California Car Dealer friends.



How does YCDB’s expertise help our customers?

With deep roots in car dealer insurance and IT, YCDB brings a balance of professionalism, competitive pricing, and the know-how to help you navigate even the most complicated scenarios in the Used Car Dealer universe. Whether it’s a tough situation with a DMV inspector or you are having trouble finding car dealer insurance, we can help you TODAY!!

Your Car Dealer Bond has released an updated and completely overhauled website (you are on it)! We updated our Facebook page, and Youtube channel for best results. We are also in the process of creating and tuning up some unbelievably useful content to California Car Dealers. While others like to paint with as wide a brush as possible when marketing, YCDB takes a different approach. We want to really target where our expertise sets us apart from the rest and where we can have the biggest impact on a dealer’s bottom line.


How Did Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) Make it Past the Point Where Most Other Businesses Fail?

In 2014, marked another year of 3x growth for Your Car Dealer Bond, while both Michael and Phillip remained in their full-time PSIC positions. Our support group was the only reason that this type of growth was possible. This support staff continues to be a major source of our success.

Michael resigned from PSIC in January of 2015 to run YCDB on a full-time basis. YCDB established licensing for a subsidiary company in 2015 by the name of Cal-Surety and Insurance Services for the purposes of separation and optionality.


A Closer Look at the Founders…

Philip Van Ngo

With over seven (7) years of Network Administration experience at the time Your Car Dealer Bond was launched, Phillip brought a technical aspect to the business that allowed complete and comprehensive remote connectivity 24/7.

Over time we’ve added seven (7) remote stations that are positioned throughout California and the sophistication of the system architecture allows for a seamless integration of additional workstations that could be geographically positioned anywhere in the world. The platform has been engineered with multiple layers of redundancy for optimal performance and data safeguarding.

Phillip maintains a full-time IT position within a non-profit organization in the Silicon Valley much closer to his home. Phillip’s attention to detail coupled with over 25,000 hours of experience working in a technological capacity has proven to be vital components to YCDB’s success.


Michael Ramos

Michael’s insurance career commenced with him working for a small full-service insurance agency, a large auto insurance writer, and a Managing General Agency. This exposure to the business over those initial three (3) years was parlayed into a Commercial Underwriting position with PSIC in 2000.

Over the course of a decade. Mike Ramos worked his way up the ranks to a Nationwide Commercial and Personal Lines Director position which he held for 6 years before leaving in January of 2015 to commit full time to YCDB.

Mike worked in a variety of positions within Product Development, Sales & Marketing, and Underwriting Departments and was a vital component of the team that grew PSIC from $5M to $250M in Gross Written Premium while maintaining a 10-year total combined ratio of 88.2%.


YCDB is really stepping it up in 2018!


Where might we have seen YCDB at over the years? 

Perhaps it’s various Southern California auctions over the years like Oceanside and San Diego. Maybe it’s CADE out in Anaheim or Manheim Riverside (AKA Fontana). I’ve also made my rounds all through the Central Valley in auctions like Fresno and Adesa Tracey.

You might have seen us at the North Bay Auto Auction in Fairfield lately...Mike Ramos from Your Car Dealer Bond

You might have seen us at the North Bay Auto Auction in Fairfield lately…Mike Ramos from Your Car Dealer BondCal-Surety / YCDB

Since this business started when Philip and Mike both lived in the Bay Area, Mike Ramos also spent a significant amount of time at the Bay Cities Hayward Manheim Auction. He was also a staple at the North Bay Auto Auction out in Fairfield. The road trips also took Mike all the way up to Adesa Sacramento and Brashers over the years. Or even as far South as the Phoenix Adesa Auction (I think it may be called something else now).


Your Car Dealer Bond represented by Mike Ramos (President) at the Adesa San Diego Auto Auction.

How is YCDB doing in 2018? 

Our suite of services and product offerings are truly second-to-none. Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) was founded in late 2012 and has grown steadily to about 1,300 dealer bonds annually out of the approximate 9,500 bonds issued statewide.

Today Cal-Surety is headquartered in Fresno, CA with offices in Bakersfield, Victorville, and San Jose. Our mission statement is the same today with the broadened universe of business owners that we are now designed to help. Perhaps 2018 looks to be our most promising year with some exciting new developments on the horizon.

Cal-Surety / YCDB has a marketing team that is 2nd to none in the California Car Dealer industry. Let us earn your business right NOW.



  • Cal-Surety has developed and launched a completely overhauled website to start 2018, which was super exciting for our small, family-owned company!
  • We are building out a special segment of our website that is dedicated to our roots called the Car Dealer Corner. Our vision was to provide more than expected to Auto Dealers across the country through this section of our website.
  • To go step further, we’re developing a very specific gift to the Used Car Dealers by offering what we call “YCDB Quicktips”. Google the term sometime and you will see a directory of data that we have taken the time to provide and it can all be accessed by Googling YCDB Quicktips or from our website.


  • California used car dealers have to be super thrifty and resourceful to compete in this environment. That said, they usually have a common goal…sell more cars and lower the dealership overhead. This is the reason the YCDB Quicktips Series was developed; to offer the best free tips and tricks in the business to help achieve both goals!


Cal-Surety takes pride in developing loyal customer relationships, surpassing expectations and delivering impeccable service. Our highly-skilled staff offers a combined total of over 40 years of surety and insurance-specific experience.




We are available 7 days a week to assist you at

866-357-4405 or email us at [email protected] today! 

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