Your Car Dealer Bond!

Your Car Dealer Bond's Backstory

Philip Van Ngo and Michael G. Ramos met while working in Corporate America at a mid-sized insurance company out of Menlo Park, CA.

Although working on completely different sides of the business, Pacific Specialty Insurance Company (PSIC) gave Philip and Michael an opportunity to cultivate a relationship. This would eventually lead to the formation of Your Car Dealer Bond LLC (YCDB) in late 2011.


How Did the Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) Start?

YCDB was developed as a fully online insurance agency with a razor-sharp focus on the California Auto Dealer Market.

To be honest, I was referring used car dealers that needed a bond to several insurance agents that were “supposed experts” in the field. They promised to provide the dealers I referred with good service and fair quotes and I’m sure you can guess how that story ended.

The problem started when a dealer would tell me that they were not getting serviced for up to 3 days at times. We all get busy but I thought that the level of service was unacceptable. And so Your Car Dealer Bond was borne.

The YCDB Journey!

YCDB’s humble beginning of writing $85,000 of GWP in its first full year (2012) was exciting for Philip and Michael. A real confidence-builder for us was that this was being accomplished while both retained their full-time positions with PSIC.

Given the non-conflicting nature of the surety and insurance markets, PSIC had no problems blessing the endeavor which continues to grow to this day.


Tell your friends About YCDB


2013 was a year that saw an increase of nearly 3x but more importantly, Your Car Dealer Bond began building out vital personnel and technological infrastructure.

YCDB’s licensing footprint was also established by obtaining non-residence licensing in 20+ states, which has since been trimmed down to 10 jurisdictions (CA, AZ, IL, LA, MI, NV, NC, OR, PA, & WV) with an emphasis on California.

Your Car Dealer Bond is unleashing it's marketing team on the California Auto Industry in 2018!


How Did Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) Make it Past the Point Where Most Other Businesses Fail?

In 2014, marked another year of 3x growth for Your Car Dealer Bond, while both Michael and Phillip remained in their full-time PSIC positions. Our support group was the only reason that this type of growth was possible. This support staff continues to be a major source of our success.

Michael resigned from PSIC in January of 2015 to run YCDB on a full-time basis. YCDB established licensing for a subsidiary company in 2015 by the name of Cal-Surety and Insurance Services for the purposes of separation and optionality.


A Closer Look at the Founders…

Philip Van Ngo

With over seven (7) years of Network Administration experience at the time Your Car Dealer Bond was launched, Phillip brought a technical aspect to the business that allowed complete and comprehensive remote connectivity 24/7.

Over time we’ve added seven (7) remote stations that are positioned throughout California and the sophistication of the system architecture allows for a seamless integration of additional workstations that could be geographically positioned anywhere in the world. The platform has been engineered with multiple layers of redundancy for optimal performance and data safeguarding.

Phillip maintains a full-time IT position within a non-profit organization in the Silicon Valley much closer to his home. Phillip’s attention to detail coupled with over 25,000 hours of experience working in a technological capacity has proven to be vital components to YCDB’s success.


Michael Ramos

Michael’s insurance career commenced with him working for a small full-service insurance agency, a large auto insurance writer, and a Managing General Agency. This exposure to the business over those initial three (3) years was parlayed into a Commercial Underwriting position with PSIC in 2000.

Over the course of a decade. Mike Ramos worked his way up the ranks to a Nationwide Commercial and Personal Lines Director position which he held for 6 years before leaving in January of 2015 to commit full time to YCDB.

Mike worked in a variety of positions within Product Development, Sales & Marketing, and Underwriting Departments and was a vital component of the team that grew PSIC from $5M to $250M in Gross Written Premium while maintaining a 10-year total combined ratio of 88.2%.

What is Your Car Dealer Bond up to now?


Your Car Dealer Bond has released an updated and completely overhauled website (you are on it), we updated our Facebook page, and Youtube channel for best results. We are also in the process of creating and tuning up some unbelievably useful content to California Car Dealers. While others like to paint with as wide a brush as possible when marketing, YCDB takes a different approach. We want to really target where our expertise sets us apart from the rest and where we can have the biggest impact on a dealer’s bottom line.

Your Car Dealer Bond has launched a new suite of Insanely Important services to a Car Dealer

In a typical sequence, these are some of the steps we can help simplify for a Used Car Dealer:

  • Stunning Logo Creation. If you want to have a viable business in 2018, it’s extremely difficult without a logo to associate with your business. This is not the area to be cheap even though most car dealers’ instincts tell them to always try to save money. Here’s something to keep in mind, either buy it nice or buy it twice. Being an intelligent business owner allows you to cut through seeing price in order to focus on how much value something will serve up for you.


The YCDB Quicktips Series can turn your dealership around


Here’s another way to say it that every auto dealer in America would understand. Which would you rather have a business model based on #1 or #2 below:

  1. buy a car for $3,500 and pay $500 to recondition it. The car sits on your lot for 25 days and gets sold for $4,500.
  2. Or would you rather buy a car for $4,500 and pay $650 to recondition it and then sell it for $6,500. This car takes you 27 days to sell.

Your business deserves a chance to survive! If you are the used car dealer that doesn’t understand this then your business has no chance of making it past a few years. That’s just being honest. Let us operate as your design team so you can back to doing what you do best which is find, buy, and sell used cars.


Cal-Surety / YCDB has a marketing team that is 2nd to none in the California Car Dealer industry. Let us earn your business right NOW.


  • Dealer-branded Email Set-Up. Believe me when I say that you are only making it hard on yourself if you don’t catch up. Stop trying to improve your ROI when your still sending emails on AOL! In 2018 and in the eyes of a sophisticated buyer, only a real Yahoo would send a business email trying to sell a car through their Gmail.

Used Auto Dealers - Uncertainty is killing your business!

Your Car Dealer Bond Headquarters

Here’s this article’s easter egg… 

-25Days -15Hours -2Minutes -58Seconds


Mention seeing this post and we will give you access to YCDB’s proprietary dealer management tool that is sure to make your life easier as a California Used Car Dealer!

Big Thanks to...

Robert Large, Tim Summers, Jeff Kenny, are just a few of the great minds I’ve learned from over the years. Mark Preininger, Zak Belanger, Brian Weaver, also make that list. Brian McSweeney, Vivian Tafolla, and Susan Valencia have also helped in molding my skillset and career. Big shot out to Mike McGraw, Jack McGraw, and John McGraw for always being very fair with me and giving me the opportunity.

Without them I would lack the experience I have today and Your Car Dealer Bond would have either never been formed or would have dissolved by now.

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