Get the Facts About Car Dealer Insurance: 3 Myths Debunked

A record number of used car dealers forego purchasing car dealer insurance, especially during times of economic instability because they believe it is unnecessary or too expensive. But neither of these beliefs are true.

Car Dealer Insurance


There are also various myths centered around this type of coverage. Some of the common misconceptions about car dealer insurance are:

Myth #1: Car dealer insurance is expensive

Fact: YOUR CAR DEALER BOND LLC (YCDB) works diligently to find the perfect balance between your appropriate coverage and individual affordability.

Myth #2: My personal auto insurance policy will cover vehicles purchased for my business

Fact: This is an inaccurate and potentially costly assumption.  Personal auto insurance does not extend coverage to vehicles purchased under a business license.  Personal auto insurance policies have an exclusion section disallowing business purpose claims.

Myth #3: Car dealer insurance won’t cover much

Fact: YCDB has several basic and obscure product offerings to ensure your business is protected, such as:

  • Used Car Dealership Insurance
  • Open Lot Coverage
  • Dealer Physical Damage Coverage
  • Garage-keepers Insurance
  • Dealer Plate Insurance
  • Medical Payment
  • Scheduled Vehicle
  • Damage to Rented Premises
  • Broad Form Products
  • False Pretense Coverage


Auto Dealer Insurance Video

Watch this short video containing important information on auto dealer insurance and the companies that provide this form of insurance.

Learn how reasonable car dealer insurance can be!

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