Defective Title Bonds are Available with YCDB!

There are two types of vehicle title bonds; Foreign Vehicle Ownership and Defective Title Bonds (the official name is Motor Vehicle Ownership Bond).

For vehicles purchased out-of-state (outside California), the DMV requires a Foreign Vehicle Ownership Bond.  Defective Title Bonds are used for vehicles without an available title. Hence, there are a variety of reasons that a car dealer would not have the title to a vehicle but in either of those scenarios, the dealer can not sell a vehicle without a title without a Defective Title Bond.

YCDB Quicktips...Defective Title Bonds at a discount

Therefore it’s easy to see how a Used Car Dealer would have the need for these 2 important bond types.

Your Car Dealer Bond can help TODAY! Complete our simple online form or give us a call at 866-357-4405 for the best rates, professional service, and an overall better value. Consider this another one of the YCDB Quicktips that we enjoy sharing with our car dealer friends.


How else can Your Car Dealer Bond help your business besides getting your Defective Title Bonds?

Here are some of the most noteworthy ways that we can help your Auto Dealership save money:

  • Car Dealer Bond (less expensive and payment options exist!)
  • California Car Dealer Insurance
  • Dealer Management Software or Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Car Dealer Marketing…logo creation, video creation, website development, etc.
  • SEO services for Car Dealers.
  • Establishing a Branded Domain to your car dealer business.
  • LLC or Corporation formation.
  • IADAC Membership discounts. (IADAC Quicktips alone are worth annual membership fees).
  • Strategic marketing consultation.
  • California used car dealer license building.


In conclusion…

You get what you pay for and as a car dealer, being thrifty can help your business thrive. Cheap thinking, however, is quite the opposite. Only being in “save a buck” mode can mask your eyes to being in “make a buck” mode, which can cripple a car dealership.


We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!



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