YCDB’s Response to the Closing of J.R. Olsen Bonds & Insurance Brokers

The YCDB family recently received the shocking news that J.R. Olsen Bonds, a 30-year prominent player in the California auto dealer bond and insurance industry, is no longer in business.

J.R. Olsen Bonds had once been a leader in the surety bond arena, writing well over $1M annual premium. Yet, an unfortunate gap went unfilled after the passing of its respected and well-liked founder, Jim Olsen.

The closure of J.R. Olsen bonds leaves many clients and sub-brokers concerned and confused as to how to proceed with their bond renewals and their new bond needs.

If you are an existing J.R. Olsen customer or are simply in need of guidance pertaining to your California auto dealer bond or your insurance policy, YCDB would like to help. Our longstanding roots in the used auto dealer industry can be leveraged for maximum value to our friends in California, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

We are happy to assist you 7 days a week at 866-357-4405 or www.yourcardealerbond.com

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