Car Dealer Bonds (Best rates in 10 Years)

One of the most complex and overwhelming parts of getting or keeping your DMV license relates to car dealer bonds. The reason is usually due to the dealer’s credit or citizenship status.


Used Auto Dealer Bonds at an affordable rate! Discounts available for having a DMS and dealer insurance!


There are plenty of moving parts for a Used Car Dealer regardless of how many years they have been in business or if they are still getting licensed.


Your Car Dealer Bond (aka Cal-Surety) offers a variety of additional services to assist in every step of the way.

If you live and die by either of these 3 statements, then chances are you are a California Used Car Dealer and need to keep reading. Ready…


  1. hurry up and get the show on the road; or
  2. time is money; or
  3. I never pay retail!


So how are you going to save money…glad you asked!


Here are some 3 great tips that every California used car dealer can use…

Car Dealer Bond Education:

  1. Start checking your credit 6-7 months before your surety bond.
  2. Start gathering ancillary information that could reduce your dealer bond rate.
  3. As of November 2018, it’s becoming more common for a surety bond market to heavily surcharge for having a high revolving debt ratio.
    • This means paying down your credit card balances about 4 months increase the limits on those credit lines. Simply put, the percentage of how much credit you have available vs. how much you use is becoming a huge driver in car dealer bond rates.

Used Car Dealer Insurance Education:

  1. Don’t fall for the trickery played by the insurance companies. (Money Saving Tip.)
    • Pay attention to sub-limits and exclusions, not just the deductibles.Caliifornia Used Car Dealer Insurance
  2. Order your loss history!
    • Order loss runs from all carriers you have had in the past 3 years.
    • You can order these through your insurance agent if you had the same agent for those years.
  3. How to leverage your used car dealer insurance policy to increase car sales! (Money Making Tip.)
    • If the entire industry doesn’t carry used car dealer insurance, then you having that protection in place improves your market position.



Used Car Dealer Insurance Protection…

Here’s a little-known fact, insurance is not mandatory in every state. If you are in a state where the DMV mandates insurance, you likely know it. Insurance is not required in order to obtain a retail dealer license in states like California! The same goes for a wholesale dealer license with or without an auto broker endorsement. A surety bond or car dealer bond is required to get or keep your license but that’s a different topic.

As a Car Dealer that’s always looking to save a buck, why would you need insurance if the DMV doesn’t mandate it? Again, glad you asked – here are just a few reasons…

  • You need to sleep at night for starters!
  • Used Car Dealer Insurance can be tailored to suit your risk tolerance and price sensitivity.
  • Dealer Insurance allows for a simple monthly payment schedule, unlike the bond that is typically due in full.
  • All flooring companies used to purchase inventory will mandate insurance to protect their investment.


You’d be surprised how inexpensive it can be to buy insurance your car dealer business. Click here to get more info on the cost of insurance NOW!


When you get to the point where you need some of the above-mentioned products or services, I trust that you will keep Your Car Dealer Bond (Cal-Surety) in mind.


Used Car Dealer Brand Development Education.

  • Don’t go overboard on getting everything perfect for launch. The truth is that your dealership showroom will not be perfected for some time and putting tons of money into decor just doesn’t make sense.  Don’t get this twisted, be super presentable and take pride in your dealer image but don’t go wild! 


  • From stunning dealer logos to elegant business cards, the YCDB Design Team is offering it all at a deep discount. Perhaps you want us to develop an animated video, even a professional website, or even start a car dealer SEO project for you. No problem and we can provide our services at a deep discount! No job is too big or small and if you can dream it up, we can bring it to life! 


  • Don’t be cheap! Give your potential customers a little more credit in 2018. Brand image matters and having a stunning dealer logo is one of the least expensive ways to leave a lasting impression on a potential customer. (Money Making Tip.)


California Car Dealer Services for less!

Car Dealer Branded Email Set-Up (new service for 2018)

GMAIL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL, AOL, etc offer great email services to the general public for free. This has really revolutionized the way people communicate all over the world! That said, businesses need to connect with their audience in a different way.


Friends or family wouldn’t mind seeing an email come from your GMAIL or AOL email address as you can imagine. But it’s very different if that same email is sending specifics on a $4,500 car you are trying to sell a potential customer. Now imagine that the dealership down the street has basically the same car but their email comes from an email that is branded to the car dealer’s business like [email protected] (for instance). Which do you think looks more professional? Be honest!


Our experience is very clear about the benefits of great branding and packaging. This is no secret so why a California Car Dealer would jeopardize even 1 sale a year is beyond us. The cost is minimal and the upside could be significant. Don’t sell yourself short!


This service is a real must-have for every car dealer in America and that’s the truth! Click here to get in the game TODAY.

Car Dealer Branded Email

Car Dealer Management Software (DMS)…

Your Car Dealer Bond (Cal-Surety) can also help set up a really slick Dealer Management System set up that will let you get going for under $50 a month and set up in under 2 hours. A full-blown website that has been designed specifically to convert more traffic into quality leads can be yours for a few bucks more.


As a major value-add, the software will also allow you to seamlessly sell Extended Service Contracts and GAP products to create additional revenue streams for your car dealer business. This lends itself well to being able to support the law of 300%. Every strong Finance and Insurance (or F&I) guy knows about this one…

  1. sell 100% of your products
  2. to 100% of your prospects
  3. 100% of the time


If I don’t want to sell Extended Service Contracts and GAP products, how else would a Dealer Management System help my dealership?


This is an area that usually separates the car dealers that make it and the ones that don’t. Here are just a few of the benefits of having Dealer Management Software:

  • Customer scheduling, advertising,
  • DMV fee compliance,
  • ease of printing forms,
  • business reporting capabilities (quick sample below),
  • profit and other sales tracking system,
  • car dealer bond follow-up mechanism, etc.


The list really goes on but suffice it to say that this is one of the best spends available to you because it will provide you with more time to sell vehicles. Don’t waste another minute on spreadsheets, click here for more info on getting your Dealer Management Software up and running now!


car dealer services for less!

Car Dealers should review this data at least twice a year.


Is it that time of year again when you need to renew your Used Car Dealer Bond?

Well, then you’re in luck! Perhaps you’re still going through the wonderful process of getting your DMV Dealer License, we can help you also. Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) writes about 1,300 dealers just like you a surety bond per year.


What does that mean to you?

Which that level of experience, YCDB can really offer you great savings! That said, our value goes beyond finding you discounts that others miss. We offer business consulting for our car dealers for starters. With over 20,000 hours of this specific expertise, we can definitely help you get your business to the next level.


OL25 (California Car Dealer Bond)

OL25 Surety Bond for Auto Dealers


It’s all so complicated for me since I’m just getting my DMV Dealer License?

  • No worries, YCDB has you covered regardless if you are a Wholesale Auto Dealer, Retail Dealership, or Auto Broker. We take pride in helping dealers navigate through this muddy terrain. Leverage our experience for your benefit.
  • $10,000 or $50,000 bond: don’t think about it another minute. Give us a call and we can walk you through everything to simplify your life. You need to start selling cars and making money ASAP!
  • BK in your history or you are not a citizen? This is not an issue at all for Cal-Surety. Leave that to us and you can get back to making money.
  • Do you have bad credit…we have surety carriers that can help you also. We also have payment options that can likely help you only pay a fraction of the annual premium and then have 4 payment set up to follow. This is a real game-changer to dozens of our California used car dealers every year!
  • Have you had a bankruptcy, short-sale, or foreclosure in your past?
  • Have other bond agents quoted you a really high price or told you that they could get you a car dealer bond?

This is not a problem at all, Your Car Dealer Bond is here to help and it’s the only reason for our existence.

2018 YCDB Quicktips Section!

The 2018 YCDB Quicktips Series is something that is near and dear to my heart! We have developed tons of experience over the past 22 years and nothing makes us happier than we share that information with others. Our California Auto Dealer customers and friends appreciate the help and the time-saving so it is a real-win-win scenario.

This particular segment gets me back to my teaching roots. I was fortunate enough to teach the California pre-licensing education class several years ago. The experience was rich and over the course of educating 200+ students, I learned quite a bit myself. Again, my experience results in a wealth of knowledge to be able to be shared with others.

What kind of information should Car Dealers expect from this series?

This is a great question. We really thought long and hard about how to deliver the maximum benefit to our dealers. This is tough since our dealers are at different stages in their career. Here was our solution.

We segmented out these dealer groups based on how many years in business:

  • Dealers in business less than 2 years.
  • Car dealers in business between 2 – 4 years.
  • Auto dealers in business between 5 – 6 years.
  • Used Car Dealers in business more than 7 years.

We are hoping that this segmentation gives us an efficient way to deliver quality information to our dealers through the YCDB Quicktips Series. #YCDBQuicktips. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Or Tweet us @YrCarDealerBond and let us know if we missed the mark. YCDB values your opinion and wants to make sure we get this one right.

2018 California Car Dealer Bonds are at records lows in the past 10 years. 866-357-4405

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How is the YCDB Quicktips Series different from the IADAC Quicktips series?

This is a great question. I have a lot of respect for what the Independent Auto Dealers Association of California has put together in their IADAC Quicktips series. The series is really well-done and I commend them for putting this together. Every single California Car Dealer should be taking advantage of the IADAC Quicktips series for some great info. This series does a fantastic job of coming from the perspective of another car dealer. That said, every member of IADAC’s board is a dealer so they have some very unique perspective.  That said, they are also auto dealers that are competing in the same space.

The YCDB Quicktips Series was developed by insurance executives, IT professionals, underwriters, product developers, and surety bond experts. The series puts the focus on some areas that most dealers are not well-versed in so the content is fresh and beneficial for all California Auto Dealers.

Here is a quick list of some of the initial DMV Car Dealer license requirements in California?

Every California Car Dealer has very specific requirements which include but are not limited to:

  1. DMV licensing paperwork. YCDB can help with this if needed.
  2. Having a bond in place with limits of $10,000 or $50,000. Again this is our specialty and would love the chance to earn your business!
  3. A lease must be in place and proper signage is a step that YCDB is not much a resource for as of November 2018.
  4. Obtaining a business license is likely the next step. Just head over to the City Building. Please note that this step is not needed if the business address is in an unincorporated part of the city.
    • If you are not an LLC or Corporation then you will need a Fictitious Name Statement.
  5. The next step is typically obtaining a Resale Permit from the Board of Equalization.
  6. You will also need a checkbook in the business name. 
  7. Then the DMV inspection happens.

And just imagine that this is all before you even sell one car. 


Now it’s time to sell some cars!!! 

The ease of doing business is our ability to make things simple for our dealer customers. Check out this video below on how to perform a SWOT analysis on your dealership business. If you need to increase your ROI or just started flipping cars, this short video will be some value used car dealer education that YCDB provides free to our dealer friends.

In 2018 and 2019, knowledge is even more powerful than ever. If you allow it, YCDB could be the most valuable resource you have in the business.

One last thing. Your friends at YCDB can also help you design your logo, business cards, or even your website. This is just another way for us to add more value TODAY! www.Cal-Surety.com or call us when you need something at 866-357-4405.


Mike Ramos, the Founder of YCDB may be the best resource to a California Used Car Dealer in 2020!

Mike understands the California car dealer world inside and out. A lot of our dealers have loads of questions about auctions and transportation. Other car dealers struggle with what paperwork will need to be completed once they do sell their 1st car. And yet other auto dealers have questions that surround the NMVITS report or the CarFax reports. What is your question and how can Mike Ramos and the YCDB Team help you? Email us at info@yourcardealerbond.com and we will help you to the extent possible.

Everyone always asks, “what makes your business different” or “why should a dealer choose you to do business with instead of your customer”? This is a great question and it starts with our free consultation. We provide tons of great information to all of our applicants and believe me we see them in all different stages and answer a wide variety of questions on a daily basis.

We save dealers thousands of hours each year in research when they reach out to us for complicated issues instead of trying to research those things on their own. And there’s no shortage of questions from the No Cooling Off Signs, to bond limit questions, to insurance claim questions, and even California DMV technical questions. It’s even so that we hear questions regarding how to better organize to save time or marketing questions about how to maximize profits and increase sales.


Please give us a chance to earn your business and over-deliver for you TODAY!

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