Your Car Dealer Bond Press Release – critical to California Dealers!

Urgent California Car Dealer Bond Press Release

The Your Car Dealer Bond Press Release was officially being made public in January 2019. Be on the lookout for our next press release scheduled for November 2020.


As one of America’s top leaders in the Auto Dealer Surety Bond industry, YCDB is dedicated to helping the dealer in you. YCDB has developed a resource center specifically for California used car dealers. The resource center is a free repository of quality information that has been tailored to retail auto dealers, wholesalers, and auto brokers throughout California.

Some services proudly offered…..

  • DMV Dealer Licensing Paperwork Assistance.
  • Higher Education Classes (Roadmap to 6-Figures).
  • Obtaining Dealer Insurance Protection.


YCDB can be your go-to shop for all your dealer licensing needs. Their seasoned staff has combined over forty years in the auto industry and has been a key factor in the success of many dealerships throughout the years. They pride themselves in knowing they are able to walk you from start to finish in no time, along with answering all the questions in between. Be sure to reach out to them at 866-357-4405 TODAY!

Worried about passing the Car Dealer Licensing Test?

Car Dealer Bonds at a deep discount!!

YCDB realizes the DMV test is full of questions and you must be thorough with details if you want to pass. But beyond just passing the test, knowing the DMV code will help you avoid costly mistakes or fines which could ensue if you are not operating inside the regulations. If you are facing any problem with clearing the Car Dealer Licensing Test, get in touch with them. They can help! They will ensure that you go through the process smoothly and surely. Easing your experience with obtaining a Dealer License is a major part of the California Car Dealer Services provided at YCDB.


Maybe you need assistance with the DMV Dealer Licensing Paperwork. It’s no big secret, there is a lot of paperwork involved in obtaining a Dealer License from the DMV. YCDB can help you with all your paperwork. Just give them the required information and their team will personally assist you in getting those papers in place. They will ensure that you obtain your dealer license from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the smoothest way possible.


Need California Used Car Dealer Higher Education?

The Your Car Dealer Bond Press Release would not be complete without info on getting more expert education! YCDB goes beyond the traditional California car dealer schools that focus on pre-licensing and continuing education.

All the companies providing education out there focus on pre-licensing and continuing education to keep dealers compliant with the DMV regulations. But what about the used car dealers that want to get a specialized advantage by out-learning their competition?

YCDB has that covered! They can offer tailored education packages for you and your staff! Don’t go another day competing without an advantage in this crowded marketplace. Let them help give you an honest look at how to gain an advantage through dealer higher education. Invest in yourself and watch what results come shortly thereafter.

Another reason that this is a Huge Press Release for California Used Car Dealers.

Throughout the years the YCDB team has worked hard to make sure car dealers understand how to take their dealership to the next level. Knowing the Used Car Dealer Industry is in a hard market, YCDB is surely going above and beyond to help dealers by offering a vast of services needed for the success of their dealership. Whether you are new in business or celebrating another year in your successful business, YCDB can help you!

The Your Car Dealer Podcast is in Season 5 now!

Best Car Dealer Podcast in 2019


In more exciting news, the Your Car Dealer Podcast is the only podcast dedicated to the success of the used car dealer industry and has already reached over 1,500 unique downloads.

This is a huge testament to the content being delivered to auto dealers. Each week on the podcast platform, they discuss everything from increasing your Return on Investment (ROI), dealership laws, time management, marketing strategies, and just about everything else going on in the auto industry world.


In addition, we’ve recently launched the California Used Car Dealer Bond Buyer’s Guide 


These are the first of any kind, as they want to help educate each and every dealer out there. These Guides shed light on a variety of subjects that are relevant to auto dealers in today’s business climate. Be sure to check them out right now as they were designed to get you another competitive advantage!



The California Used Car Dealer Insurance Buyer’s Guide was a resource created which was also first in class. This free resource took about 10 years to figure out and another year to write it out. Please enjoy it and tell a dealer friend!


Be sure to watch out for the upcoming Your Car Dealer Magazine. More information to come on the next Your Car Dealer Bond Press Release so stay tuned!

Your Car Dealer Bonds is located at 1300 E. Shaw Avenue #119, Fresno, CA 93710.



For more quality information, be sure to check them out on all platforms:

YouTube- https://ycdb.us/YouTube

Instagram- https://ycdb.us/Instagram

LinkedIn- www.linkedin.com/in/mike-ramos-ycdb 


You can apply for both a California car dealer bond and used car dealership insurance right on their company website in just minutes. For maximum convenience and in true form, YCDB created a short cut to their online app which is available at www.DMVDealerBonds.com.


About Your Car Dealer Bonds

Established in Fremont, California, Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) was developed as a specialized Surety Bond Agency! YCDB has particular expertise with the California Car Dealer industry that is literally unrivaled.  With deep roots in bonds, insurance and IT, YCDB brings a balance of professionalism, competitive pricing, and the know-how to help you navigate even the most complicated scenarios in the Used Car Dealer universe. Whether it’s a tough situation with a DMV inspector or you are having trouble finding a payment option for your bond, we can help you TODAY!


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Mike Ramos

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Surety Bond Services of California

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