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As one of America’s top leaders in the Dealer Bond industry, YCDB is dedicated to helping the dealer in you.  YCDB has developed a Resource Center specifically for California used car dealers.  This Resource Center is a free repository of quality information that is tailored to all retail auto dealers, wholesalers, and auto brokers throughout California.

Here are just a few of our proudly offered services:

  • DMV Dealer Licensing Paperwork Assistance
  • 1-on-1 Dealer Consulting (Roadmap to 6-Figures)
  • Obtaining Dealer Insurance Protection

YCDB is your go-to dealer bond shop for all your licensing needs.  Our seasoned staff has over forty years of combined experience in the car dealer licensing industry and has been a factor in the success of many used car dealerships.  We pride ourselves on being innovative thinkers who dare to dream BIG.  We commit to helping each of our customers accomplish their most sought-after dealership goals.  So, give us a call today at 866-357-4405!

Worried About Passing the Car Dealer Licensing Test?

Car Dealer Bonds at a deep discount!!

The DMV test is packed with questions and responses must be precise for you to pass.  In addition to passing the test, understanding the DMV code will allow you to avoid costly mistakes or prevent you from incurring fines as a result of operating outside of regulations.  If you find yourself having problems with the Car Dealer Licensing Test process, contact YCDB.  We will walk you through the process to confirm it is accurate and as streamlined as possible.  Simplifying your Dealer License experience is a key part of the California car dealer services provided at YCDB.


Do you need assistance with the DMV Dealer Licensing paperwork?  While it is true that there is a sizable amount of paperwork involved in obtaining a Dealer License from the DMV, YCDB is available to help!  Reach out to us, provide your necessary information, and our team will personally assist you to set your paperwork in good order.  We will make certain that you receive your dealer license from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the most efficient manner.


In Need of California Used Car Dealer Higher Education?

Your Car Dealer Bond Press Release” recognizes the importance of advanced education for the California Used Car Dealer.  YCDB surpasses the traditional California car dealer schools that only focus on pre-licensing and continuing education.

Typically, other used car dealer education schools specialize in pre-licensing and continuing education to keep dealers compliant with DMV regulations.  But that does little for the used car dealer seeking supplementary training and development as a means of gaining a competitive advantage.

YCDB has this covered.  We offer tailored educational packages for both you and your staff!  Do not lose another day without achieving a competitive edge in the car dealer industry.  Allow us to give you a realistic approach to gaining an advantage through our used car dealer higher education. Invest in yourself and reap the rewards.

What Makes This an Important Press Release for California Used Car Dealers?

Throughout the years, team YCDB has worked diligently to make sure used car dealers understand the significance of taking their dealership to the next level.  Acknowledging that the car dealer industry can be a tough market, YCDB goes above and beyond by offering a variety of services necessary for the success and longevity of your dealership.  Whether new in the industry or celebrating another year of business, YCDB is always here to help you!

Your Car Dealer Podcast is Breaking New Ground!

Best Car Dealer Podcast in 2019

We are more than excited to bring Your Car Dealer Podcast to you!

Your Car Dealer Podcast (YCDP) is the only podcast dedicated to the success of the used car dealer.  Stay tuned for great content that is relevant to you!

Each week on the podcast platform, our discussions include everything from increasing your Return on Investment (ROI), dealership laws, time management, marketing strategies, and just about everything else affecting the auto industry.


We Also Developed the California Used Car Dealer Insurance Buyer’s Guide

The first of any kind, created and tailored to promote the education of the used car dealer, this Guide sheds light on a variety of subjects relevant to the current business climate. Be sure to check it out now as it was designed to give you another competitive advantage!



The California Used Car Dealer Insurance Buyer’s Guide is another out-of-the-box resource developed by the YCDB founder to be utilized by any car dealer, whether our customers or not.  This free resource was 10 years in the making, and another year to put into written format. Please enjoy it and share it with a dealer friend!


Established in Fremont, California, Your Car Dealer Bond (YCDB) was developed as a specialized Surety Bond Agency.  YCDB, a family-owned company, has unrivaled expertise in the California Car Dealer industry.    With extensive experience in bonds, insurance and IT, YCDB brings a balance of professionalism, competitive pricing, distinctive customer service, and proficiency to help navigate even the most complicated scenarios in the used car dealer universe. Whether you are experiencing a tough situation with a DMV inspector or trouble finding a payment option for your bond, we can help you.  Call us at (866)357-4405 TODAY!


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